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Make Your School Website Unique With Our Bespoke Package..

There are two different routes to take from the outset, set-themed or bespoke. The two vary in cost as we require the help of a trusted graphic designer for the bespoke packages (See Bespoke Portfolio) who will work with you to find a design tailored to your own personal preferences. 

Bespoke Design

The process of bespoke design is simple.

1. We send a trusted graphic designer as well as one of our technical staff  to the school where you will discuss any ideas you might already have. The graphic designer will ask to be shown around the school to find key elements that may influence his design choices. 

2. The graphic designer will then go away and produce a first mock-up to which he will then email you. This is where you can say whether or not you are happy with the design and what needs changing.

3. Once you are happy with the work, the design will then be passed to one of our technical staff who will turn the design into a working website from what has been discussed. 

4. With everything set up, we then send one of our technical staff out to you again who will teach you how to update the school website yourself.

Set Themes

We have a catalogue of pre-made themes which we can send you via email. The process is a lot shorter and cheaper than bespoke design. However, we would still need to discuss technical needs so the process would be the same as the bespoke design but without the graphic designer as we already have the template from the catalogue.